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Brothers in arms

Since the early 20th century, Colombia has experienced violent conflict. During the last two decades three parties have been involved in the war, right wing paramilitaries against left wing guerrillas, and the guerrillas against the Colombian Government.

FARC, (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) is the world’s oldest active guerrilla force. On November 2, 2001 was designated as a terrorist organisation by the US government.

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80% of the FARC’s members come from a peasant background. They join the FARC at a very young age (typically from 11 to 16 years), following a family tradition, looking for vengeance, not knowing any better, or forced by FARC with menaces against their familes.

FARC’s youth are at the same time social victims and bloody aggressors in a society impregnated by an endless war, fused by a multimillion-pound cocaine industry. There are few leisure activities open to guerrillas, but they, like every other Colombian, love football. They play it whenever possible with great passion, leaving reality behind for an instant.

Elena de la Vega
Colombia 2001-2002

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