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Unofficial Palestine strip

Ahmad, Jadida Al Bireh football pitch near Ramallah

Zohadi and 6 of his boys, Jadida Al Bireh pitch/hospital

Jadida Al Bireh Red Crescent Hospital, under construction

Boots on dirt pitch

Al Bireh first team at school, training on the best available pitch in Ramallah

Members of Al Bireh first team, including Rami, center forward for Palestine

Abdel Nasser is worried about Anan's form before the big match

Hamido's turn as ref, Al Bireh

Anan and Majid (killed by a tank, 11.11.00), Al Bireh goalkeepers

Israeli army post in Ramallah, seen from the team taxi from Al Bireh to Jericho

Iyad crossing Kalandia checkpoint on the way to Jericho

Players from Al Bireh and other Ramallah clubs warm up after the Ramadan meal, Jericho

A Jericho player injured by Ramallah is treated

Hassan Sanduka, Ramallah's coach, team talk, half time, Jericho

Ramallah leave Jericho stadium with cup

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