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Blue stretching before a game

Womens changing rooms are tiny, providing considerable intimacy!

Crossy organising the team against a much younger side

Charlie takes a rest for half a game

Play is disrupted by wandering dogs...

Only in London; Steve, a Rastafarian, coaches white lesbians

Lynlea, one of the managers, on full speed

Jackie and Mel, a young couple on the team

Danny, the other managers (Jane) son, often comes to matches

Dog shit is an occasional hazard on the grounds women play on

Training is a weekly affair and attendance is essential to get a game on a Sunday

Half time is always welcome

Team talk before the match

Mel heads the ball

Changing before the match

Nicky in goal practising before play begins

Vicky gets the ball as supporters look on

Jane takes herself off the pitch and looks on in her managerial role

© Sophie Verhagen 2001