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What the future holds

Everton fans have voted overwhelmingly in favour of move from Goodison, its home since 1892, to a new 52,000 seater stadium to be built in the King's Dock area of Liverpool.

Everton cannot extend their present stadium in Walton because of its location in the middle of housing estate. Those living there may complain about the litter and traffic congestion on match days but few want to see the club leave. For generations who grew up with it the move will take the heart out of the community.

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Mark Maylor of The Everton supporters' Club, which is situated in the Winslow Pub right across the road from the stadium, claims that some 20-30 pubs in the area survive on the revenue from the match days and will simply go bust. Rev Henry Ross of the St Luke's church, who is also Everton club chaplain, fears the move would have similar effect on local shops meaning that the elderly would have to travel further afield for their groceries. On match days church hall is bustling with fans. Volounteers from the community serve refreshments and food while club memorabilia is sold upstairs. All the proceeds go to The bluebloods foundation which was formed to support veteran everton players. St Luke's is situated right next to the stadium and according to Rev Ross is unique in the world- the only church where fans have watched matches sitting on the roof!

Ismar Uzeirovic
Liverpool 2002

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