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Goodison Park stadium, home of the Everton since 1892

Fans on the match day

Mark Hall said "present facilities cannot compete with those offered by Manchester United although they compete in the same league"

Fish and Chip shop next to the stadium

Mr Chaw and his daughter Linda in The Goodison chip shop. Mr Chaw's has been here for the last 35 years. These businesses depend on fans and workers at Goodison for their income and many fear they will be badly hit by the move.

John, Patrick, Sean, and Robert before the match

George Orr and Mark Staniford both produce Everton fanzines

Joseph, James, and Ryan in front of the Everton Supporters' Club founded in 1958 is the oldest in the country

Brenda, Zack, Lindsey, John, and Phil in the Everton Supporters' Club

Birthday celebrations in the Everton Supporters' Club

T-Shirt vendor in the Everton Supporters' Club. Message on the t-shirt reads: 'Liverpool- probably not the best team in the world'

St Luke's church is situated right next to the stadium

Rev Henry Ross of St Luke's is also club chaplain at Everton. He is also in charge of the Bluebloods Foundation which was formed to assist veteran Everton players

Church enjoys very good and very close relationship with the team. Club recently moved the kick off time to a later time to allow service to go undisturbed

St Luke's church hall before the match

Volunteers preparing tea for the fans

Proceeds from the St Luke's go to the Bluebloods Foundation

Fans in the hall of the St Luke's church

Fans in the hall of the St Luke's church

Fans' wedding at Goodison Park stadium

Bride arriving for the wedding at Goodison Park

Wedding on the terraces of Goodison Park

Wedding on the terraces of Goodison Park

Plaques of the fans whose ashes have been scattered on the ground

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